Spitz Dog Training

Spitz dog
Spitz dog

Spitz dog training is quite easy. Spitz dogs are easy to train and very adaptable. Although the Spitz breed is an easily trained breed, it is a stage that requires patience and attention. Spitz dog training can be done in the home environment or with the help of a specialist. Since the Spitz breed is a very intelligent and intelligent dog breed, it is an easily trainable breed. However, it can cause problems in obedience training, but this problem can be easily overcome if you are patient.

Spitz Dog Key Features

Spitz dog breeds are a mixed breed breed. They have long fur and pointed ears. Spitz breed dogs are large and strong dogs. The most preferred type of Spitz dog breeds is the Japanese Spitz type. They have light colored and shiny feathers. The most distinctive feature of Spitz dogs is their fox resemblance. The breed, which resembles a fox with its whole body, is used as a hunting dog.

Since they are very successful in hunting birds and small animals, they guide their owners when they go hunting with their owners. The Spitz dog breed has erect ears. They have almond shaped eyes and dark colored eyes. The Spitz dog breed, whose nose structures are pointed, has black noses and lips. They attract attention with their curved and furry tails. Their fur is double-layered.

The weight of the males of the Spitz dog species is between 8-9 kg and their average height is between 33 -35 cm. The average weight of the females varies between 6-7 kg and their height varies between 28-30 cm. The average lifespan of the Spitz Dog breed is 12-14 years.

The Origin of the Spitz Dog Breed

Spitz dogs are a breed that was officially recognized in 1987. The dog breed, whose original name is Finnish Spitz, is a breed that was produced by mating with the Peat dog breed living in Sweden Lake and Finland 6000 years ago, when they lived in Japanese houses with Japanese families since ancient times. It is known that it was later brought to Japan and China.

It is known that the Spitz breed, which has been accepted as the national dog of Finland, is mentioned in songs and national anthems. It is a very popular dog breed in Scandinavian countries. The hunting dog qualification in Finland is not valid in countries outside of Finland. Here they are kept as house dogs.

Character of Spitz Dogs

The Spitz dog breed is a friendly breed. They like to bond closely with people. The Spitz dog breed is full of energy and loves to play. It is a very intelligent breed. Dogs of this breed are very characterful and courageous. It is a dog breed that gets along well with all age groups. He loves and gets along well with babies, children and the elderly, regardless of people. Their protective instincts are quite high. Spitz dogs are a very late maturing breed. They enter puberty after 3.5 years of age. It is a dog breed that needs extra patience as they mature very late. It is a dog breed that barks a lot.

Spitz Dog, Features and Care

Spitz dogs are easy and effortless to care for. It is sufficient to comb the hair of Spitz dogs twice a week. It is one of the dogs that shed moderately. It is one of the rare dog breeds that needs a bath every 6 months. This is because it is an arctic dog and its fur is self-cleaning. It is a dog that does not smell fur. It is one of the dogs that needs a lot of exercise. Since it is a breed that belongs to the northern countries, they like cool climates and do not like very hot environments.

Spitz dogs are genetically likely to experience some health problems. Knee dysplasia can be seen. At the same time, they may show an allergic reaction to some herbs and may experience eye discharge problem as a result.

Spitz Dogs also known as American Eskimo Dog.