Puppy Training

Puppy Training
Puppy Training

Puppy Training; The most important issue for people who acquire a new dog is the progress of the training process, starting with the basic training of the dog. In the case of acquiring a puppy, training becomes easier. Training first begins when the dog comes home. It is a wrong idea to wait until the dog reaches a certain age to start training, and training should begin as soon as he comes home after eight weeks of age.

Thus, by starting to learn about the family order, it will be easier for him to feel himself belonging to that house and to socialize. It is also one of the first things to be taught that the newly arrived puppy should feel himself at home and keep up with the order of the house. The training to be given with some rules will make the adaptation process of the puppy easier.

Which Behaviors of Puppies Need Basic Training?

K9 Dog ownership, which is one of the important responsibility of pet care, is preferred because they are humane and friendly. Dogs, with which it is possible to establish a good friendship, can be changed more quickly if they are adopted when they are puppies, and it is possible to file them as desired. First of all, it is important to understand the puppy’s behavior and to establish a secure bond by creating a common communication language.

In addition to providing behavioral training for the safety of the puppy against situations such as disappearance, a process consisting of behavior training, obedience training and special commands should be passed in order to rasp behaviors such as house training, gnawing, crying and whining, playing and socializing. A safe home environment for the puppy, adequate and appropriate nutrition, regular veterinary care for health and meeting the needs of attention and love are among the most important responsibilities of the owner.

Considerations for Puppy Training

Puppy Training; When the owner’s morale is bad, he should not work with the dog. Thus, training will be fun for both the puppy and the owner. In order for the dog to have fun during training, it is very important that the owner also has good energy. Puppies should be rewarded when they follow the given command. Playing games with the dog in training is necessary for the dog to get more pleasure and enjoyment.

At the end of the lesson, it should be specially set and the dog should be done successfully at the end of the lesson, so that the lesson should be completed happily. In addition to the owner being consistent, stable and disciplined, it is important to motivate the dog with a loving voice. If all these conditions are provided, the dog will enjoy being with the trainer and the training will progress in a desired way.

Socializing in Puppy Training

The training given to the puppy, which is accustomed to the family order, is more important than the owner, so that the dog does not have adaptation problems. The socialization process is more important for puppies. Dogs that are not socialized when they are puppies become more difficult to socialize in the future and they are adversely affected because they cannot adapt to the environment.

Puppies, which are expected to show a timid and cowardly approach towards their environment and other dogs at first, will overcome this problem if they are raised in this regard. In the socialization of puppies, where it is of great importance for the owner to be patient and conscious in this process, they can first take the first step by fusing their dogs with other people.

For this reason, it is an ideal method to often take the dog out to areas such as parks to introduce different people. At this point, it should be noted that the real socialization starts after four and a half months. Puppies who are likely to be frightened by larger breed dogs if they go outside when they are younger should be left alone for a period of time to play with a trusted dog, starting at four and a half months. It is also important for dogs to get to know other animals in this process.

Other Steps of the Socialization Phase

It is important for dogs on a leash to get to know other animals and especially the tools used by people who make noise so that they do not feel uneasy when they encounter animals and objects they do not know. Puppies in the socialization process should be treated sensitively to prevent them from getting scared.

When they enter a new environment, the owner should not distract the dog by doing nothing during the reaction they give in the form of sniffing, barking and prickling of the hair on its back. Trying to comfort the dog if it behaves fearful and insecure, getting in the car, going to the vet and ensuring that it behaves well during its care at the hairdresser are the most important stages in the socialization training of dogs.

Items Necessary for Puppy Training

The first need for anyone who adopts a puppy is a kennel that will make the dog feel belonging. A leash and strap should be taken for the safety of the dog, which is introduced to the kennel, as it gets used to sleeping in its kennel. In order for the dog to move more easily outside the house, it is necessary to buy a food and water bowl, where the dog can easily eat its food, with a tag or microchip on its collar.

An opportunity should be created for the dog to have a fun time by buying safe toys with the bristle brush and plastic comb required for hair care. It is important that with the name given to the puppy, it is easier to communicate and the training period becomes easier.

Puppy Training: Safety

When the name given for the puppy is called, it is important that the dog reacts and if he does something wrong, it is important to follow the rules and not be harmed as per the command given by the owner. Along with the commands given, praise will help the puppy to approach the commands more positively. One of the most important conditions for puppies is to wear the leash when the dog is outside.

Thus, it is possible to prevent a possible loss situation. People who acquire a puppy by adding a new member to their home can benefit from our professional puppy training service and get support from our experts.