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Presa Canario
Presa Canario

Presa Canario; From the past to the present, dogs that live together with people and undertake different tasks have always been people’s loyal friends. With the development of technology, buildings have been built and dogs have taken their place in city life. People who like to live with dogs have started to look after dogs by giving trainings in apartments and this number has increased after positive results.

In line with the desire of people to have different dog breeds, different dog breeds have emerged with the mating of dogs and hybrid breeds that have their own characteristics as well as the characteristics of their breeds have emerged. Before adopting a Presa Canario dog, whose origin dates back to Ancient Spain and was discovered in the 1500s, you should know it well in order to provide good training and keep its bonds with you strong.

General Physical Characteristics of Presa Canario Dog

Presa Canario dogs, one of the hybrid breeds obtained by mating with people’s desire to recognize and own new dog breeds, is a dog breed that draws attention with both its appearance and physical strength. With its strong bone structure and muscular body, it is used by many people as a guard dog in settled habitats such as farms.

Calm and deeply affectionate towards their owners, this breed of dog does not show the same affectionate attitude towards strangers. Male Presa Canario dogs can grow up to 65 cm, while female Presa Canarios can grow up to 61 cm. They are included in the group of medium-sized dogs with their stature.

Male Presa Canariolas can reach up to 60 kg, while females can reach up to 45 kg. The back color of these dogs, whose chest is white, can vary. The back can be gray, black or red. It proves that he has an unusual body with his broad shoulders and muscular structure. It has a very strong jaw structure and it is difficult for them to let go of something they grasp with their chin.

This dog breed, which has very short hair and a hard coat, sheds even though it is not very dense, and this amount increases during the transition from summer to winter and from winter to summer. This dog breed with well-developed leg muscles needs long walks and exercises that can relieve energy.

Presa Canario Character Traits

Presa Canario dogs can be aggressive from time to time and those who do not socialize when they are still puppies can show unwanted aggression towards the environment. They are very intelligent and loyal creatures to their owners. In order to establish positive relationships with children and the outside world, they should be in these circles when they are puppies.

They love their owners very much and form a different bond. They are kind and affectionate towards their family members. They like to play games. This dog breed, which has a dominant personality structure, can be found in sudden aggression. These dogs, who want to have an independent space, can be kept in detached houses with a garden rather than a home environment.

What to Consider in Presa Canario Training?

This dog breed is a dog breed with dominant characteristics. It should be carefully trained as a puppy and no compromises should be made during training. This dog, which is overly attached to its owner, needs to be trained by a conscious trainer. If you establish a strong bond with your dog and earn his respect, you will get positive results in a short time. You should avoid abuse and loud talking. You should reward positive behavior.

Toilet training is a difficult process. It is impossible to toilet train before six months and expect positive results. You should make eye contact with your dog while he is toileting and warn him with a determined and not too loud tone when he toilets in a place he does not want. When you take him out to clean the toilet, you should play with him and not walk around. After meeting his toilet needs, you should reward him and then take him around and play.