Pomeranian Boo Training

Pomeranian Boo
Pomeranian Boo

The Pomeranian Boo dog is a breed of dog named after the Pomeranian region of Poland. They are kept as ornamental dogs. It is a very preferred dog breed and is among the most expensive dog breeds. Pomeranian boo dog training is the training applied to facilitate the life of the person who feeds it.

During the training of Pomeranian Boo dogs, he can reward with food reward, love reward or an activity he likes to do, and in this way, useful training is realized. For training, if desired, a training can be preferred at the dog’s home with the owner, and if desired, it can be left to the training centers for a while and trained.

The subjects to be trained can be listed as toilet training, basic obedience training and behavior training. During dog training, it is necessary to be patient and not forget to reward. Playing with the dog after the training will make the training enjoyable.

Characteristics of Pomeranian Boo Dogs

The Pomeranian Boo dog breed is quite small and furry. In terms of race size, it falls into the toy group. Their faces are different from each other. Some are fox-like, some have a teddy bear-like face. The eyes are all dark in color, and the nose color is the color of their feathers or black. Their fur is in one color and at most brown, orange, black and white. Very rarely, there are those that have two colors.

They are very attached to their owner. One of the stubborn breeds is the Pomerian Boos. Although very small, they can have a tendency to attack other large dogs just like any other small dog. While Pomerian Boo dogs behave very calmly towards their owners, they constantly bark towards people they do not know. For this reason, it is beneficial to have barking training.

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Pomerian Boos are a really intelligent dog breed. They can easily grasp everything that is said and the commands given to them, and they can surprise their owners with what they do. Not very good with very young children. It is not right to leave it alone with small children as it may bite.

Pomerian Boo dogs, both females and males, weigh 1-3 kg. Their height is also 18-30 cm in both females and males. Pomerian Boos, which have a long life expectancy, can live up to 15 years if well cared for. Pomerian Boo dog breeds are dog breeds that are compatible with apartment life.

Even if they want to move around a lot in the house, a few rooms will meet their needs. Since Poomerian Boo dog breeds do not like very hot weather, they may have problems from time to time in very hot regions or in very hot weather. Therefore, it should be kept in a cool place in hot weather. Poomerian Boos are cheerful, sympathetic and energetic dogs. They are on their own and very picky in food. They can walk long distances without getting tired. Pomerian Boo’s should always be walked around with a leash, because they can get hurt because they can fight with other dogs very easily. Pomerian Boos are a robust and healthy dog ​​breed.

How Should Pomeranian Boo Dogs Be Groomed?

Because the Pomeranian Boo dog breed is hairy, it needs to be brushed frequently. Brushing at least 2 times a week would be correct. They should be bathed once a month with their special dog shampoo. The corners of the eyes and ears should be cleaned frequently. Dental care for Pomerian Boos is important. Therefore, their teeth should be brushed at least once a week.

Origins of Pomeranian Boo Dogs

Pomeranian Boos are the crossbreed of Greenland sled dogs. It is a Spitz type dog breed named after the Pomeranian Region of Central Europe. Pomerians are descended from German Spitz or Wolfspitz.