Pinscher Dog Training

Pinscher Dog
Pinscher Dog

The Pinscher Dog breed is very easy to train because they are extremely intelligent. The best time for training is between 2-5 months. If a special education is desired, help from experts is required. Since Pinscher dogs are independent, patience and effort are required in their training. But females are more docile and more responsive to training. Since they love to bark, they need to receive a good education on this subject. Toilet training is done in the same way as other dogs.

Origin of Pincher Dogs

Evidence of pincher dogs appeared in a painting in the 1600s. It was bred from terrier breeds in Germany, including the Pinscher dog breed and the German Pinscher dogs. Pinscher was used to exterminate rats on farms. The word Pinscher means terrier in German.

General Characteristics of Pinscher Dogs

Pinscher dogs are a breed with an elegant appearance. Its legs and tail are tiny and slender. It is especially known for its straight and long tail. Their hair is short, shiny and straight. In color, it is single red, stag red, black or yellowish brown tones. Their height is 25-30 cm in both males and females. and their weight is between 4 and 6 kg in both females and males. are among.

Pinscher breeds live an average of 13-15 years. Pinschers are small, muscular yet elegant. The dorsal lines are either straight or slightly sloping back. Their paws are small like a cat and their jaws are quite strong. The teeth of the Pinscher dog breed are closed in the form of a scissor bite. Their eyes are bright dark colored and oval.

Character Traits of Pinscher Dogs

Pinscher are energetic and aggressive dogs. Due to their guard and protection instincts, they are very attached to their owners. Pinscher dogs are very self-confident. Their body structures are small, but their jaw structures are strong. They are not afraid to react against larger dogs. They instinctively react to strangers. They do not like to be liked and may react to excessive attention from children.

The Pinscher dog breed is a small dog that is quite self-confident and maverick. This is a proud and extremely brave dog breed and they love to bark. It is a very loyal dog breed to its owners. Pinscher dog breeds are very lively and courageous. Pinscher dog breeds are small in body but carry a big dog heart.

The Pinscher dog breeds have a moderate guarding instinct, they don’t have much of a guarding instinct. Despite their small size, they can be aggressive and aggressive towards other dogs. But Pinschers do well with other pets and children who don’t push them too hard. The Pinscher dog breed, which is distant and suspicious towards strangers, is actually all about how it was raised as a puppy. The Pinscher dog breed should not be over pampered or they can turn into a tyrant and start to think they are the boss. Pinscher dogs learn quickly.

It is beneficial to be taken to socialization classes as they can socialize if they spend time with other people and dogs when they are very young. Because little pincher dogs like to nibble, they can sometimes nibble on things. Pinschers are generally healthy dogs and have no obvious health problems. But because they are prone to gain weight, they should not be overfed.

Caring for Pinscher Dogs

Pinscher dogs are a breed that is very easy to care for. It is sufficient to brush their hair regularly once in three days or once in four days. In this way, dead hairs of pinscher dogs are cleaned. Dry shampooing from time to time and washing with special shampoos once a month is sufficient. It is a medium shedding breed. They are not a cold-resistant breed. His body cannot cope with the cold.