Newfoundland Dog Training

Newfoundland Dog
Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland Dog: These dogs, which have a very old cultural history, are known for their giant size and helpful personalities. This breed, which was obtained by the joint efforts of Viking and European fishermen, is a good swimmer and has the ability to survive under difficult conditions. It takes its name from the island of Newfoundland where it was produced. Vikings wanted to create new dog breeds and use these dogs in their daily lives.

For this purpose, European fishermen brought breed dogs to the island and they were provided to mate with local dogs. The new breed of dog that emerged, thanks to its positive features such as being able to carry heavy loads and swimming well, has lived together with people for many years and has been used for certain purposes. This dog breed, which is included in the working dog class, is used to save drowning people today. It is a dog breed that is accepted and loved by everyone with its long hair and large body.

Physical Characteristics of the Newfoundland Dog

This dog breed, which belongs to large dog breeds, impresses with its appearance. The Newfoundland dog breed has a strong and muscular body structure. This dog breed, which has a large head structure, is very intelligent. It has a long back and strong bone structure. The sense of smell of this breed, which has a large nose, is also well developed. It has a square jaw structure. His hair was long and wrapped around his body like a quilt. It has small and dark eyes.

Newfoundland dog

This dog breed, which has a strong neck and a wide neck, can carry heavy loads with this strong structure. They have a tail that hangs down and their tails help them stay afloat while swimming. Its double-layered feathers do not weigh while swimming in water and do not allow it to sink into the water. There are longer hairs on the chest and upper part of the head than on the body.

The feather structure has a straight or wavy appearance. Their feathers are usually black. However, it can also be dark brown. They have small and drooping ears. They can live up to 12 years if well cared for. This shedding breed sheds more in a hot environment.

Newfoundland Dog and Character Traits

The Newfoundland dog is a very intelligent and loyal dog breed. This helpful breed has a good-natured and affectionate personality. If you take responsibility as a puppy, he will be a good friend to your children and will use his strength to protect them in case of danger.

It gets along well with people and other domestic animals. This dog breed, which does not act suddenly and does not act aggressively, acts affectionately towards strangers. However, it intervenes in the face of sudden dangers. Being a good swimmer, this dog breed instinctively intervenes in drownings.

Is It Possible to Train a Newfoundland Dog?

It is necessary to be patient and not mistreat the Newfoundland dog while training this breed, which is difficult to train. In order for him to get along well with children, it is necessary to instill the love of children when he is a pup. Shouting and using violence against these dogs, which are difficult to train, will prevent you from being successful and make your job more difficult.

One person should provide the training and the trainer should use the tone of voice well during the training phase. Training should be started when they are puppies. You can use games to train this dog breed that loves to play. When he does something you don’t want, you should tell him not to do it in a firm voice that is not too loud.

By rewarding positive behaviors, you should ensure that they gain positive behavior. If you want to achieve success in education in a short time, you must be determined and make him accept that you are a leader and must obey you.