Kurzhaar Dog Training

Kurzhaar Dog
Kurzhaar Dog

Kurzhaar Dog Training

Kurzhaar Dog Training: The Kurzhaar dog breed originates from Germany and was generally bred as a hunting dog. The Kurzhaar dog, which is very intelligent, has a very careful nature. These dogs, whose physical features are quite distinctive, are in the tall class. The Kurzhaar dog, which has very short and very dense hair, is usually white and dark brown.

It is a very easy breed of dog to own and take care of. These dogs, which are different because they have short hair, should be cleaned frequently because they have frequent hair. Since it is a very active dog by nature, it is generally looked after outside, not at home. Exercise is done continuously to throw off the energy in the body. Because of this mobility, they are not very suitable for caring in houses and houses without a garden. Kurzhaar dog breeds, which are very fond of their owners, love to do what their owner wants.

Being a very loyal dog, the Kurzhaar breed protects not only its owner, but also his relatives. The Kurzhaar dog, which is very good with children, is the most preferred dog breed because it is a very cheerful dog that loves to play with children. The Kurzhaar dog , which was bred as a hunting dog, has the ability to bark quite a lot. Because the Kurzhaar dog is very intelligent, the calm and obedient ones are also bred as Show dogs.

What Should Be Considered While Training the Kurzhaar Dog?

Although the Kurzhaar dog is very intelligent, it is difficult to train because it is very energetic. Their training should be started when they are young puppies. Because training an adult Kurzhaar dog will be more difficult. Kurzhaar dogs that want to be trained as hunting dogs are more difficult and different to train. As with all dogs, the first training of Kurzhaar dogs is toilet training.

Dogs’ response to training varies according to the dog’s characteristics and temperament. When Kurzhaar dogs are treated harshly and rigidly in their training, the dog reacts adversely. He can become aggressive and bark a lot and can be quite difficult to train. When training Kurzhaar dogs, it should be given by professional trainers in the field.

How to Train Kurzhaar Dogs for Hunting?

The Kurzhaar dog breed, which is bred as a hunting dog, must be started when it is 8 or 12 months old. The mushroom gun is detonated near the nest for the first 15 days to accustom the puppies to the sound of gunfire and to react swiftly when it hears it. After 4 weeks, when a gunshot is fired outside the nest, all the offspring will come out in response to the sound.

Then the puppies will get used to the owner who feeds them and a bond will form between them and there is no need for the mushroom to burst after that. Then the puppy should be taken for a walk so that he can get to know his surroundings and find his nest when he goes out. While doing this, it should allow the cub to come out on its own and should not be too far from its nest.

In order for the puppies to be more ambitious and fast, small pieces of meat should be placed in front of them when they eat, and when they do not eat this meat for a certain time, the meat is removed. If it is stopped in front of it for a long time, it slows down the animal’s agility and speed. When the puppy reaches the 6th week, it should be given a time when the dog is completely full so that it does not bury the prey it has caught. In case of burying, the dog should be warned not to bury it.

In order not to confuse the young with real prey with other things, first the foul-smelling animal skin is smelled and the cub is taught how to recognize real prey. While training puppies, training given by playing is the best training for dogs. In this game, it is a training fishing rod that is used to learn to chase the prey. One of the frozen birds is tied to the end of the fishing line and thrown in front of the dog, when it does not respond, the fishing rod is pulled to attract the attention of the dog.

The Kurzhaar dog also known as German Shorthaired Pointer