King Charles Spaniel Training

King Charles Spaniel
King Charles Spaniel

The King Charles Spaniel breed is one of the most charming and calm creatures in the world. The King Charles Spaniel dog breed gets along very well with children. It is a play dog ​​as it is in their nature to play. They are slender but intelligent. It is a dog breed that can adapt to every living thing. It is a type of dog that is open to training. Being a very intelligent breed, King Charles Spaniel dog training is easier than other types of dogs.

They like attention. Its owner can easily train it with care and love. Because they are a very intelligent breed, they do not easily forget something they have learned. They are very active and also very sensitive to movement and sound. Therefore, they listen to the given commands and apply them immediately.

Caring for King Charles Spaniel Dogs

The King Charles Spaniel dog breed enjoys care because they love attention. They love to take a bath. Since they are prone to being sick, it is necessary to carefully adjust the water temperature. They can be washed every three to four weeks. Their hair should be combed and shaved from time to time. Although they are thin-haired, they are a shedding breed. Like all dogs, the King Charles Spaniel must be washed with their own special shampoo. Since their skin is different from ours, they will have problems if they are washed with a different shampoo. Regular check-ups and necessary vaccinations should be done.

King Charles Spaniel

Characteristics of King Charles Spaniel Dogs

The King Charles Spaniel is a dog breed with a good and sympathetic character. It is one of the dog breeds suitable for feeding in the apartment. King Charles Spaniel dogs have long hair and a brownish appearance. King Charles Spaniels can live between 10 and 15 years if well cared for. This breed, which can adapt to any environment, is among the dog breeds that are easy to care for. They have no barking habits. They like sleep. King Charles Spaniels are good with people they know, but they are more cautious with people they don’t know.

There are two breeds of King Charles type dogs, one is King Charles Spaniel and the other is King Charles Cavalier. The difference between them is that there is only a physical difference in their noses. To understand this, it is necessary to have a King Charles Spaniel or a King Charles Cavalier. Although King Charles Spaniels are in the hunting dog class, they are extremely domestic dogs.

It is in the class of both ornamental and hunting dogs. In fact, it is understood from the ear structures that it is a hunting dog. It is actually an extremely affectionate lap dog. King Charles Spaniels are the smallest members of the Spaniel family. It has very soft and smooth fur and a straight tail. It has three different color features. They have black, white and bronze-brown colors.

Spaniels are dogs of royal and noble families in England. Eye diseases are common in King Charles Spaniel dogs. In their diet, dry foods with high protein content are suitable. In both males and females, their length is 30 – 33 cm, their weight is 6 – 8 kg. are among. Black – Skin, Tricolor, Blenheim are called pearly white on dark chestnut colors.

Origin of King Charles Spaniel Dogs

The King Charles Spaniel, which was produced in England in the 1900s, was used as a hunting dog. It is a breed obtained as a result of mating between King Charles and Cocker Spaniel, which is a subtype of the English Toy Spaniel breed. As the name suggests, the King Charles Spaniel breed is a royal dog breed with a noble pedigree, which was the dog of King Charles in ancient times.