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K9G Ortanization

K9G in Organizations; In essence, every security operation consists of identified security risks and security measures taken to reduce these risks. Organizational security, or event security, is no exception. An ideal security manager accurately identifies risks and determines optimum measures by choosing from the inventory of security measures in the light of price-benefit analysis. If the area where the security is provided is a place where standards such as the airport are determined by international and national institutions, the job of the security manager is relatively easy. The risks and the precautions to be taken are largely predetermined. However, the situation is different in organizational security. Security measures to be taken to reduce risks are determined by the security manager unless the customer has a special request. The difference between organizational security and other security operations starts at this point. Managers responsible for organizational security should update risk analyzes for each organization, determine security needs accordingly, and distribute their personnel and equipment correctly. Organizational security service providers should be flexible enough to provide additional security applications if required and required by the nature of the business. This is such a structure that it should be able to provide security services to a university graduation ceremony or a seminar where foreign diplomats will attend. Every organization has its own dynamics, security needs and participant profile. Specially trained dogs, especially Explosive Detector Dogs (PDK), provide significant operational advantages in adapting to the variable and dynamic security climate we mentioned and come to the fore as an indispensable solution tool for the security manager. In this article, you will read about the usage areas of Explosive Detector Dogs in organizational security and the operational advantages of using dogs.

Explosive Detector Dogs in Operational Perspective

Since organizational security is an individual operation, the first thing to be done when the security team receives the organization area is to completely clear the area where the security service will be provided from prohibited and suspicious objects. As the number of areas to be scanned is high, the area to be scanned is also very large. If we take a stadium concert as an example, we can list the areas to be searched as follows; grandstands, toilets, lodges, corridors, stairs, changing rooms and all other rooms. The only precaution you can take to make sure there are no explosive devices and/or weapons in an area of this scale is to search the area. For this, 3 different methods can be preferred. These;

  1. Search by eye (image scanning)
  2. Physical search
  3. Scanning with PDK

Eye search can be performed quickly, but will not be sufficient to find a hidden object. For example, you cannot detect an explosive device hidden inside the equipment brought to the organization area in this way. By eye search, mostly unclaimed objects can be detected. Physical search is more effective than visual search, but it is not effective because it takes a long time and requires a lot of human resources. In organizational security, security teams will often work under time pressure. It will not be possible to open every locker or box. On the other hand, explosive detector dogs can search in a much shorter time and more effectively without opening all cabinets and boxes. From this point of view, the use of dogs in the purification of the organization area from prohibited and dangerous substances will both save time and be more effective than visual and physical search in detecting prohibited substances. In addition to these two very important advantages, dogs can also be used as a solution tool in addition to their detection skills. You cannot interfere with an object that you have detected by eye and physical search. You even run the risk of unintentionally activating the explosive device in a physical search. Therefore, visual and physical search is the only effective solution for detecting a makeshift object. However, since Explosive Detector Dogs will detect whether the makeshift object is a threat or not, it also determines what course of action the security team should adopt when encountering such an object.

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K9G in Organizations

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Another important advantage of Explosive Detector Dogs is that they can detect whether suspicious or unclaimed objects pose a threat. The worst-case scenario for an organizer is to have to evacuate people because of an unknown package containing explosives. In this case, dogs can arrive at the place where the package is in a very short time and can scan the package in 5-10 seconds. An alternative way of detecting whether suspicious packages are a threat is for the bomb expert to detonate the package in a controlled manner with a detonator or to take samples from the package with explosive trace detectors. Neither option will yield results as quickly as dogs. In particular, controlled detonation with a detonator will not only disrupt the general flow of the organization, but also create fear in the participants. A similar situation applies to vehicles left to relatives of the organization. The method by which you can scan a vehicle thought to be suspicious in the shortest time and most effectively is the use of detector dogs.

K9G Organization

Köpeklerin çok etkili şekilde kullanılabileceği bir diğer nokta ise araçların, organizasyon alanına sokulacak malzemelerin ve tedariklerin taranmasıdır. Korunan alanın otoparkına giren araçlar ve malzeme kamyonları patlayıcı dedektör köpekleriyle hızlı ve etkili şekilde taranabilirler. Güvenlik sektörünün, basın ve halk tarafından haklı olarak eleştirildiği ayna ile araç altı arama ve bagaj kontrolü uygulamasına alternatif olacak bu tarama yaklaşık olarak ayna ve bagaj kontrolüyle aynı sürede veya biraz daha uzun sürede tamamlanabilir. Ancak tartışmasız şekilde amacına hizmet eden ve daha etkili bir tarama olacaktır. Araçları patlayıcı düzenek riskine karşı kısa sürede bu kadar etkili şekilde aramanın başka bir yolu yoktur.

Patlayıcı Dedektör Köpekleri bomba ihbarlarına verilecek tepkide de önemli avantajlar sağlarlar. Örneğin organizasyona telefonla gelen bir bomba ihbarına karşı harekete geçmekte en hızlı ve en doğru sonuç alabileceğiniz yöntem Patlayıcı Dedektör Köpekleri olacaktır. Bu köpekler çok kısa sürede mobilize olabildiğinden bomba olduğu ihbar edilen bölgeyi tarayabilir ve kısa sürede tehdit unsuru olup olmadığını tespit edebilir.

            Yukarıda bahsi geçen argümanlardan anlaşılacağı üzere Patlayıcı Dedektör Köpeklerinin organizasyon güvenliği operasyonları açısından ön plana çıkan 4 önemli avantajı vardır. Bunlar;

  1. Significant time savings
  2. It is effective in detecting explosives compared to visual and physical search.
  3. Providing solutions to suspicious objects and tools
  4. Ability to mobilize in a short time and deploy at different points

With all these features, Explosive Detector Dogs stand out as an element that every security manager would like to have in their inventory due to the unique conditions of organizational security. Explosive detector dogs have been used in the world for many years and their usage areas have increased recently. So much so that these dogs are now trained to detect explosives hidden on the person. Moreover, dogs do not need to be stationary in order to detect the person with explosives on them.

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