How is K9 Training Done?

K9 Training

K9 Training; Dogs are among the most preferred creatures of almost many people today. In addition to being fed only in the garden and at home, dogs are among the animals that have been benefited by training in many areas for many years and have achieved very important results. K9 dogs, which are among these dogs, have a very different importance. It is one of the creatures that have achieved great success by being trained in many fields such as murder and narcotics, both in military institutions and security institutions. For many years, K9 dogs have achieved serious success in many areas that go beyond the mandate of humans. For this reason, the existence of these dogs is very important in the legal sense, military sense and in many areas of public interest. The training of these dogs also includes a grueling process.

What are the Important Details in the Education Process?

K9 Training; The first phase of the training of K9 dogs begins with obedience exercises. This stage is very important. After the dog learns to obey its owner, it is successful both in other learning stages and in further studies. Another important detail is that all the movements of the dogs are carefully controlled. In this way, dogs are prevented from acting aggressively. K9 dog training takes approximately 10 weeks. In this process, great importance is given to education in a very careful and continuous way. The next part of the training in dogs after the command phase is to test how durable it is and to train it intensively. In this training stage, the dogs are allowed to jump from the wall and climb the high steps. These trainings are very important for dogs.

How Is Drug Training Given to K9 Dogs?

K9 Training; K9 dogs are often known for their success in the drugs field. At this stage, dogs are given scent training. These trainings are completed in a different phase with a piece of white fabric. The smell of the piece of cloth or the apparatus in which the training is given has a distinctive importance at this stage. The concept of toy is coded with the drug placed in the fabric. In the light of these, attention and perception training also occupies an important place in this process. The passive warning system is of great importance among the training given to K9 dogs. Because in dangerous missions, dogs indicate that there is danger at that point by sitting without making any sudden movements or barking calmly.

In drug education, the concepts of tracking, odor and detection are taught. Especially when they are given drug education, this substance is coded as a toy. When these creatures are combined with the sense of smell in these trainings, very successful raids are made in many narcotic operations. The training process of dogs is a situation that requires continuity. After the general education process is completed, the education should be continued at certain intervals in order not to lose their unique features. These trainings are very effective for animals to develop new features.

K9 Training

What Are the Different Characteristics of K9 Dogs?

One of the most important features of K9 dogs with special features is that they have the highest level of attention and perception. The highly developed sense of smell also makes these creatures out of ordinary. These animals are very successful in murder problems, rape and bomb-finding processes. These animals, which are trained especially with the method of giving rewards, love this situation very much. In the education process, this concept is frequently applied in subjects such as reward and obedience, reward and attention, reward and smell sensitivity.

Although the K9 is perceived as a dog breed, it is actually the training of certain breeds of dogs to take the name K9. Breeds that can be a K9 dog are breeds such as doberman, Belgian shepherd dog, rottweiller, boxer, giant snautzer. These creatures are called K9 dogs after receiving the necessary training. It is very important that dogs go through the right training process, both in public and in everyday life. If you want to provide a quality life to your animals with a healthy education, you can benefit from the training provided by our expert team and get support from our institution.