Gordon Setter Training

Gordon Setter
Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter dogs are generally black and tan, 60 or 70 cm high and 25-30 kg in weight. There is no other breed of dog with this color. The black ones can have bronze markings on some parts of their bodies. Such markings can be found near the chin or under the eyes. In general, a small and white spot can be seen on their breasts. They have a shiny and soft feather structure.

Their feathers are more dense in some parts of their body. Dogs of this breed do not wash very often, but they should be brushed regularly. It is good to comb their hairs with a brush 2 or 3 times a week. Their ears are of normal size, but appear large because of their long hair and drooping. Its straight tail has long and fringed feathers.

gordon setter

Gordon Setter Dogs’ Exercise Needs

Gordon Setter dogs always seem alert and active. It is necessary to spend his energy and not neglect his exercises. Otherwise, they can be grumpy and unsociable. These dogs, who do not like loneliness at all, also need to have someone with them all the time. It should be taken outside for at least one hour a day to get rid of its energy. They are not among the dogs that are very suitable for keeping in small apartments. They love to walk and play ball with their owners.

What is the Character of Gordon Setter Dogs?

Overly attached to their owners, these dogs can be defensive to the outside. Therefore, some breeds can be bred as guard dogs. They are very fond of their owners and all members of their family. They can also get along well with other pets in the house. It is a more suitable dog breed for large families and those who have a house with a large garden. It is more comfortable to live with them when they are educated at an early age, socialized enough and do not feel alone. It sheds a lot twice a year, so it is a difficult breed to care for in a small home.

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How to Train Gordon Setter Dogs?

The most important point in the training of Gordon Setter dogs is that they need to be trained at an early age. Caring for a grown up Gordon Setter is not easy. Since they are very intelligent, they can take an attitude according to the character of their owners. It is absolutely necessary for their owner to appear determined, consistent and active. They insist on maintaining their stubborn attitude towards someone who is passive and inconsistent, making them difficult to train. It is imperative that they receive training from someone who is stable and consistent. In addition, it is necessary for the owners or educators to be affectionate.

Going hard and keeping it completely under control with punishments doesn’t work well for this breed of dog. They are very successful at smelling and are almost never wrong. They can become a guard dog or guard dog when given the necessary training. They look young and vigorous for a long time and do not age easily. Because they are instinctively among hunting dogs, they are among the dogs you should not let loose in a place you are not sure is safe.

Being a good family dog ​​and loyal companion, these dogs can be difficult to potty train. At this point, starting education at an early age and patience and consistency gain great importance. Because it is very difficult to toilet train an adult Gordon Setter. It is difficult to give any training to an adult dog of this breed. They are also fond of barking due to their hunting and stalking characteristics and their need for movement. They should also be trained in barking at a young age. They are very good-natured, hardworking and loyal, but all of these traits are rarely revealed unless supported by consistent training from a young age.