German Shepherd Bodyguard Training

German Shepherd Bodyguard Training
German Shepherd Bodyguard Training

German Shepherd Bodyguard Training

German Shepherd Bodyguard Training: Bodyguard training is a type of training usually given to dogs with guard characteristics. If the German Shepherd is going to be given German Shepherd Bodyguard training, it must first have received basic obedience training. Having received basic training, the dog exhibits command-based behavior to neutralize danger.

After the first command given to the dog, it maintains its current state until the second command. In the field protection training, which is the second stage of the training, when the dog is given a house or any other environment to protect, it takes care of these areas and neutralizes everything that enters the area that needs to be protected. Before that, it warns its owner by barking. German Shepherd Bodyguard training takes approximately 6 weeks.

German Shepherd Breed Characteristics

One of the most popular dogs among many dogs in the world, the German Shepherd is a dog that stands out with its excellent character. It has a strong physical structure with its red plumage, brown almond eyes and erect ears. The German Shepherd, which stands out for being a family dog, is an intelligent and easy-to-train dog breed. It is a reliable dog that you can leave alone with small children without hesitation.

The German Shepherd, which has the capacity to play continuously without getting tired, is a dog that should be raised as a family dog. It is one of the dog breeds that should be fed and recommended by psychologists, especially in order to instill a love of dogs in children.

How Should the German Shepherd Walking Training Be?

Walking is very important for dogs. Regardless of the environment in which the dog lives, they must take a walk. In order to walk with the dog, you must first keep the leash short and bring it to your own level. If the dog’s leash is kept long, it may cause problems walking together in the future. This is why the length of the dog collar is important. If the dog pulls you away while walking, this is a wrong move. On the contrary, you must guide the dog and put your own weight on it. This is why walking is so important in dog training. The first step in education is walking.

German Shepherd Basic Obedience Training

The first of the necessary training stages, which is indispensable for all dogs, is basic obedience training. German Shepherd dogs also begin their basic obedience training with a leash as a first step. Basic obedience training is known as a form of leash training. Basic obedience training includes some commands that are taught to the dog. For the wait command to be taught to the dog, the dog’s leash is released and the wait command is given and the dog is moved away from it.

Likewise, in the yacht command, it is ensured that the dog maintains its current position by moving away from the dog. The basic training phases continue off-leash after these two phases. At this stage, the dog continues by giving the forward command. In the training process, which is given without a leash, the dog accompanies the trainer’s gait that will not leave the knee level. German Shepherd dogs that have reached this stage can be given the commands to lie down, sit and forward from afar.

German Shepherd Grooming

As with all dog breeds, the German Shepherd requires special and regular care. It will be important to remove dead hair and hair twice a week, so it will have a healthy and well-groomed appearance. In addition, German Wolves should be fed with foods of animal origin.

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