Doberman Bodyguard Training

Doberman Bodyguard
Doberman Bodyguard

Doberman Bodyguard Training: The definition we call Bodygurad training in dogs is protection training. The dog that has been given bodyguard training shows barking behavior constantly, coming in front of the unwanted person or malicious person. This behavior means to warn the other person. When the person tries to escape, they show biting and attacking behavior. Here, the dog performs the command when the owner gives the command to let go.

Likewise, by giving Doberman Bodyguard training to attack from afar, it is tried to teach the command to leave again. It is a very important point in the training process that the dog receives the release command. Therefore, the most concentrated process in the education process; attack and release commands. During the bodyguard training process, the Doberman dog becomes aggressive to protect its owner. Executes given commands in the best way. Doberman breed dogs show advanced success in this regard.

Doberman Basic and Advanced Training

Regardless of the dog breed, the initial training phase for every dog is basic obedience training. Doberman dogs also begin with training to walk with a leash. The point to be considered here is to keep the dog’s leash short and align it with you so that it walks. Walking takes place by taking the dog to your left side and adjusting the leash length.

Among the dog breeds, it is known as the dog that focuses the best and looks the best in the eyes of its owner. The Doberman dog waits for commands without taking his eyes off its owner. That’s why it shows the hold, sit, lie down and forward commands the best. When performing advanced obedience training, the leash is removed.

Doberman Dog Traits

Doberman dogs are known as large breeds. In terms of physical appearance, shoulder height and weight are higher in men. In character, it is a watchdog, guard and a good family dog. They are also very attached to their owner. Dogs of the Doberman breed, although they have a large structure, are more suitable for domestic feeding.

Being less resistant to cold and having short hairs, it is more suitable to be fed at home. Due to their sensitive skin, they cannot sleep on hard ground. Therefore, a suitable environment should be prepared at home. It is one of the best trainable dog breeds. Focus is one of the sought-after traits in dogs. Doberman dogs also have a high level of focus, which does not take their eyes off their owner.

Doberman Training Age

Basic obedience training begins when Doberman Bodyguard training is 5 weeks old. In order of education; It goes through a professional training phase, with stages as basic training, advanced training and Bodyguard training. In general, activities begin at the age of 6 months and continue until the age of 2 and a half. Age is very important in the training process of Doberman dogs.

The Doberman dog, which has reached the age of 3, must have undergone proper training. After the age of 3, it is very difficult to correct a mistake made in education. Since they have certain muscles and weights, they can make a wrong move against their owner. For a correct education, it is necessary to get help from professionals.

Doberman Training Services

Doberman Bodyguard Training: In institutions that provide dog training, there are trainers and areas where the dog will be trained. Especially if your dog is a Doberman, help should be sought for proper training at a young age. Dogs of the Doberman breed are strong and large, which can lead to dangerous consequences in the future. Therefore, it must be trained by professionals.