Conservation Training

Conservation Training
Conservation Training

Conservation Training: We must make sure that our dog, which will be trained as a guard dog, is the winner of the training courses so that he always has absolute confidence. Otherwise, they risk losing their trust. While they should have passed basic obedience training, completing advanced obedience training to some extent will enable them to be more successful.

Some dogs are very nervous because they have not been trained to be obedient, so dog guard training can be detrimental to them. A guarded instinct is paramount for a dog’s obedience training. At the same time, when obedience training is given to dogs, in case of guarded instinct, your dog will refuse training. Dogs in conservation program training; It also increases the dog’s confidence and ownership while increasing the fitness level.

Conservation Training: Foreign Recognition Training

When the K9 dog is only in contact with its trainer and not with others, it will be difficult for someone else to approach it. At this stage, dogs that only eat the food their owners give them can easily get rid of this deception. However, if we want our dog to never compromise on a stranger’s food, he must stick to training.

With stranger recognition training, the trainer will feed your dogs while training the assistant and the trainer will punish the dog with a leash for eating the food he bought from someone else.

Conservation Training: Aggression Towards Strangers

Aggression is a natural behavior of dogs. However, some breeds treat people with love and gratitude. People also love them, and these dogs are never preferred over guard dogs. Aggressive dogs can hate strangers if they are trained as guard dogs. However, at this stage, we should control the dogs and prevent possible disasters.

Dog guard training should be supported by someone who is unfamiliar to the dog, such as a dog trainer. This support helps to train the dog by disturbing it. In time, you will have a dog that gets angry and ready to attack not only the helper but also the stranger.

Conservation Training: Taking Control of the Attacker

Dogs pose a great threat to strangers when given the dog guard training they receive. The aggression of the guard dog must be restrained or it can be a great disaster. If the dog attacks a stranger, if the dog does not listen to the owner’s command, there is a big problem. The attitude of the aggressive dog should be completely under the control of the owner.

Area Conservation Training

Another lesson in the content of dog protection training is protection training. It is special for our dogs who have certain boundaries and live within their boundaries. The purpose of this training is to warn by barking when it detects the danger approaching its area; it’s about teaching the dog to neutralize the danger without executing any commands when danger approaches.

With dog protection training, your dog will be able to protect the house, factory, villa, land and similar places you want to protect. It is difficult to give a specific time frame for the training phase, such as basic training and advanced obedience training. Because, as we mentioned before, this stage is directly related to your dog. This period can last 12 months or more.

Bodyguard Training

The dog to be trained must always live with its owner during Bodyguard training. This is because the behavior and actions of the dog owner are ingrained in the dog’s brain. For example; The people the dog owner encounters on a regular basis in daily life is for the dog’s attention, but he doesn’t care. When the suspect meets the dog and carefully monitors its movements; In a dangerous situation, the owner must be at his disposal. He must strictly obey the orders.

Dog guard training is done for an average of 12 months and above. Because it is expected that the dog’s personality will develop and gain strength that will prevent physical protection training. For this reason, it is not a good idea to give guard training to your dog before he is 1 year old. Because even if the dog is trained in guards before the age of 1, it will fail. The dog’s self-confidence will decrease.

Dogs can be trained by professional trainers in the field of protection. Conservation training requires a high level of care, dedication, knowledge and experience. You can get service from our institution and expert trainers about dog training.