Collie Training



These dogs, whose full name is Border Collie, were produced in England and Scotland for the purpose of herding herds in the 1800s. These dogs, whose birth weight varies between 30 and 45 kilograms, are the first dogs that come to mind when shepherd dogs are mentioned.

Collie dogs have a very strong structure and they have a very agile and agile structure. As feather structure; Their feathers are in two layers and hang down from the sides. The fur in the upper layer is thick and long, and the feathers in the lower layer are quite soft and short. Although their hair is long, their care is not as difficult as it is thought and it is sufficient to comb them with a stiff bristle brush once a week. They don’t shed much. However; In order to get rid of lice and parasites clinging to their skin, they need to be cared for in a certain order.

Collie dogs, when it’s time to wash, show this with the smell they spread around. From this smell, it can be understood that it is time to wash and the dog can be bathed with a suitable dog washing shampoo. Another important issue in Collie dogs is ear cleaning. Ear cleanings should be done with careful movements with the help of a cotton swab, usually once a week.

Development and Nutrition of Collie Dog Species

Collie dog species have a very active and active structure, so it is important for their health to provide their nutrition with sufficient and strong nutrients. Considering the high amount of energy they consume, high-energy foods and foods should be preferred and weight control should be ensured in a balanced way.


Collie dogs, whose life span varies between 12 and 15 years, can reach 50 cm in length and 20-25 kilograms. Due to their energetic nature, they are not suitable for living in a house or apartment. Because they love to move around, it is more suitable for them to live in large and empty fields, village houses or farms. These dog breeds do not like to sit idle and are constantly making something out of themselves. When they have nothing to do, they are very difficult to control when they cannot get over the movements they have, and therefore they can create problems. The most common types of illness during their lifetime will be epilepsy and hip dislocation.

Training of Collie Dog Types

Border Collie dogs are very intelligent and open to learning by nature. With the features given by the shepherd instinct, it instantly understands the commands given by its owner and immediately takes action to fulfill it. These dogs, who can perceive the work and movements they see even when they do not receive an order, will chase the children or cars in the vicinity and cause discomfort to the environment if they cannot receive a good and smart education.

When starting the training of such dogs, the training subjects should be put in a row and their training should be started in order. During the training, first of all, toilet training should be given, and then a training program in the form of basic obedience and advanced obedience should be prepared, respectively.

The most successful dog breeds in the reward-based training system are Collie dog breeds. The owner must also exhibit very positive and positive behaviors during training. When the command given to the dog during training is perceived and fulfilled by the dog, the dog should be rewarded, otherwise the dog should be punished. In dogs that are not trained in this way, behavioral disorders are observed in the future.

In the Clicker method, which is another preferred method in Collie dog training;

No rewards or penalties apply. In this method, which is recommended to be applied professionally and by experts, the sound of any small object handled in this method gives the dog the feeling that a reward will be given. In this method, which has achieved a lot of success, it is necessary to be very patient throughout the training process. Although the training period of Collie dogs is quite long, these dogs do not forget what they have learned throughout their lives.

Repeating these exercises in certain periods for Collie dogs, whose training is started in the puppies period, will be very beneficial in terms of reinforcing behaviors and health. Collies come from a sheepdog breed and are the dogs that need exercise and activity the most.