Beagle K9 Dogs

Beagle is derived from the Celtic word “beag” meaning “little”. It is a very tolerant dog towards children. He is a good housemate. He gets along well with other types of dogs. It is not offensive. But he can’t get along with pets like cats. It is a very curious, determined, observant dog. Therefore, it can be a good guard dog. It tracks very well. He doesn’t like to be alone. Howls sometimes. Does not like cold, wants to live in a temperate climate. Key Features: The Beagle is a kind, sweet, lively and curious dog that loves everyone. He wags happily, is sociable, brave and intelligent. He is calm and affectionate. He gets along great with children, generally good with other dogs, but should not be left alone with other animals such as cats and pets if they have not been socialized since childhood.

Beagles know what they want. They are determined, observant and must be disciplined in a calm, firm manner. This breed does not like to be left alone (like all breeds). If you will not be home for a long time, it is recommended to buy two.


Beagles tend to go up their noses (depending on the character). If you release them in an unenclosed area, they may move away to explore the surrounding area.

There are two different types that can be distinguished by their feathers. One is soft and the other is hard haired.

What Does It Do? It specializes in hunting hares, pheasants and quail. However, it is also used in fishing. It also enjoys a positive reputation as a companion dog.

He has also been an excellent narcotic search dog and a wonderful family friend. Unfortunately, because of their small size, they are also often used in medical experiments.

This breed, which is very active, can live at home. However, it needs an environment where it can move for activity. This energetic dog must have a place to play and take regular daily walks. However, it is not recommended to be walked around without a leash. because it can go after other animals.


Origins This breed was probably developed in the Elizabethan age by crossing a Harrier with an Old English Hound.

There is also a miniature version. The height of this species, called Elizabeth Beagle, is 30 cm. up to 10 kg in weight. is. In the past, hunters used to take this miniature dog to hunt in the abandonment of their horses.

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